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Friday 20th January, 2012
Alan from Scotland wrote:
The flame still burns...everyday.

Friday 20th January, 2012
Jen from United States wrote:
Thank you for this website! There is a lot of really interesting information on here. There is so much that I didn't know about her! She has always been my favorite actress!

Tuesday 3rd January, 2012
Kylie from Spokane, Washington wrote:
Audrey is the most beautiful, graceful, classy woman in history! She truly knew how to live with elegance and be a lady. I have always thought she was beautiful and was envious of her figure, but I never knew how amazing she was until I learned of her work with UNICEF. Loving God, and being committed to help my fellow man myself, that fact makes me love Audrey even more. I aspire to live like her, but to truly be like Audrey, I have to live to accept myself, that is what she would have done. I love her acting and fashion and she is my favorite actress of all time.

Monday 2nd January, 2012
Giada from Italy wrote:
peace and love

Saturday 24th December, 2011
Kathy from United States wrote:
I recently watched A Nun's Story. It was filmed in 1959. She was playing a nun taking care of babies in the Congo in the movie. How close that came to what she did working for UNICEF so many years later is quite remarkable.

She was always my favorite actress. I admired her style and calmness and sweetness. I also liked how her collarbone and long neck looked and when I was in Junior High, I would bend my neck on each side to try to get my neck and collarbone to look like hers. It didn't work...but I tried! :)

I am going on vacation next year to London, Paris and Rome..I hope to find the Mouth of Truth and hopefully come back with my hand. Wish me luck!

Monday 19th December, 2011
Alan Fair from Forres Scotland wrote:
Please don't make the mistake i did,on arriving after biking for two days,Lausanne,TOLOCHENAZ.The guy who owns the place,the house and gardens.Number 31,,,,,i felt not an AUDREY fan.The old lady with the house at the back of the garden,where the vineyard starts is truly a wonderful lady,she will tell you all about Audrey,,,,,,mind take a you all.Alan.x

Tuesday 6th December, 2011
Angel Vazquez from Camarillo, California wrote:
I would like to start off by saying how much I love and adore the beautiful and oh so very lovely Ms. Audrey Hepburn. She is an inspiration to us all and is so wonderful, she truely is amazing and has changed the world for the better. Her roles in films were magnificent and played them so marvoulusly. She is my idol and I look up to her very greatly. She was the perfect example of class and a style icon; and for that she will be missed, and also missed for the impacting life as we know it today with her UNICEF missions and her movies that she looked so exquisite in. I love Audrey Hepburn and am one of her biggest male fans.

Wednesday 30th November, 2011
Natalie from London, England wrote:
Audrey Hepburn such a beautiful person- on the inside and the outside. She was an inspiration to women and girls all over the world. She influenced the world in many ways. She was kind hearted and even though she's no longer with us. She's still here in our hearts.
I love you Audrey

Saturday 26th November, 2011
AMAR DEEP ANAND from Bangalore, India wrote:
The day i saw her movie, Roman was like a hope for my ailing heart.....coz i found her perfect in all aspects i could imagine. I'm just spellbound every time i think of her also......and after knowing all about her and the way she lived till her last breath...i feel like i should also live my life helping everyone i meet in my life....thanks Audrey.....I wish i could meet you someday. :P

Tuesday 8th November, 2011
Mila from Tehran-Iran wrote:
I don't know you believe it or not.
Every night I speak with dear AUDREY,I'm not waiting for an answer I just talk to her because I wanna feel better.
Please share your opinions pictures and whatever about dear AUDREY with me.

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