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Wednesday 4th July, 2012
Marissa from Tampa FL wrote:
I love Audrey Hepburn, I'be seen all her movies. I will always look up to her.

Friday 11th May, 2012
Natalie Rob Drymalski from Evanston wrote:
Audrey is my number one fan, I have her poster and hope to visit the town she grew up in someday.

Friday 4th May, 2012
Seth Proctor from United States wrote:
Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress. Beautiful, elegant, classy, and to simply put it a good person. Have a marvelous birthday Audrey! This website captures her perfectly, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the detailed year, by year biography of her life. Thank you at Audrey1 for keeping her life and legacy alive...

Tuesday 27th March, 2012
Kirsten from Wisconsin wrote:
OMG!!! I love her because of one movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" she was me and I was her in this character. I have never loved someones persona, style, fashion. or self, as I do her! In her real life she is all that I would wish to be, humble, loved, enduring, nurturing, and giving. I truly believe that she would put everyone and everything before herself and that makes me love her to the fullest!

Saturday 10th March, 2012
Subrata Datta from India wrote:
Audrey Hepburn is the perfect depiction of the "Eternal Woman" who mesmerizes everybody's mind as an enigma of beauty in so many forms throughout her life.

Friday 2nd March, 2012
Maximum from Toulouse, France wrote:
I enjoy the website. Audrey Hepburn fan since I watched My Fair Lady when I was teenager around 1980. This week I watched Ariane, always a pleasure, I feel better after.

Tuesday 14th February, 2012
José Manso from Salamanca, España wrote:
Audrey is a beautiful smile but it's more than a beautiful smile, she was a great actress, but she was more than a great actress. She was lovely and a graceful woman. The scream loved her, Audrey is and will be unforgotten.

Friday 10th February, 2012
Catherine SImpson from Austin Texas wrote:
Im a new fan and am happy to find this site.

Sunday 5th February, 2012
Angela Sampaio from Brasil wrote:

Friday 3rd February, 2012
Stephanie from Florida wrote:
There is no other female actress that I admire more than Audrey Hepburn. She was the true epitome of grace, charm and sincerity. She is the truest of what a lady should be and how one should conduct themselves. She did it with perfection. Her honesty is unreproachable. There were no layers. She was exactly what she portrayed, true to herself.

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