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Sunday 11th August, 2013
Jo J Day from Falkirk, Scotland. wrote:
I see Audrey Hepburn as the most loveliest women in this world having read her biography I was really moved by her vigour for life and the way she helped others she is the woman I would have married and kept a hold of. rest in piece Audrey you earned it.

Thursday 25th July, 2013
Kristina Mayberry from England wrote:
I've just had my bedroom re-decorated and the whole room theme is in the style of Holly Golightly's apartment in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". The best part is that I get to drift off to sleep while I gaze upon Audrey's 'Funny Face' staring at me from my many framed posters!

Thursday 11th July, 2013
Jerell from Atl, Georgia wrote:
I hope you can read these comments from where ever you are Audrey, we loved you as an actress. My favorite thing about her was her elegance, gracefulness, and style. And the way she looked into her lovers eyes in her films, it's so memorizing, it makes me fall in love with her just by watching! RIP Audrey

Friday 14th June, 2013
Carol V. from Battle Creek, MI wrote:
Audrey Hepburn is my favorite of all actresses. She was a wwwII heroine and was so elegant and beautiful. RIP Audrey.

Saturday 18th May, 2013
Oma Kathy from New Jersey wrote:
What an inspiration this beautiful woman is.

Friday 17th May, 2013
Dominique from France wrote:
Audrey is the ever prettiest and best actress all over the world. In Fr

Thursday 9th May, 2013
Richard Moore from Usa wrote:
Beautiful..inside and out...missed greatly for her charm, her kindness and the radiance she gave to the world.. Thank you for this site.

Friday 1st March, 2013
Widia from Indonesia wrote:
Hello. I'm a very new Audrey Hepburn fan here. Nice to meet you.

Sunday 24th February, 2013
Audrey from England wrote:
audrey was and is forever an inspiration

Wednesday 6th February, 2013
Sandra Mcgarry from Ireland wrote:
I have always been a fan of audrey hepburn. I have a quote of audreys tattooed on my back.

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