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Tuesday 10th December, 2013
Takumi from Japan wrote:
I was pretty shocked that a perfect actress has passed away before my birth.
I really like the way she lived, using her popularity for UNICEF.

Saturday 7th December, 2013
Maddie from California wrote:
I love Audrey Hepburn; she is one of my favorite actresses. She is fantastic in Charade. I am enjoying this fan website very much and learning a lot about her.

Wednesday 20th November, 2013
Jerosel from Manila Philippines wrote:
i love Audrey Hepburn and anything about her=)

Wednesday 13th November, 2013
Joan Tohà from Barcelona (España) wrote:
Audrey es una actriz maravillosa. Me enamoré de ella cuando la oí cantar "Moon River" desde la ventana de su apartamento en "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Tuesday 29th October, 2013
SUCHISMITA DAS from India wrote:
Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate role-model! Her elegance, talent and insight coupled with kindness, compassion and genuine concern for her fellow beings, especially helpless and hapless children is not just inspirational but also aspirational! The innate 'innocence' and 'sincerity of purpose' in her makes her so humane that one is compelled to believe in the stars who rightfully create the magic in movies, so that their beautiful charm can also get translated into the real world and help millions of people whose blessings are no less than an Oscar as Ms. Hepburn understood so clearly!
SALUDE, Audrey Hepburn........

Tuesday 29th October, 2013
Claudia from Argentina wrote:
hola!: he sido desde chica fanática de audrey, pienso que por su carisma y su aura de ser humano inigualable. gracias por crear esta pagina que nos permite compartir nuestro amor por audrey.

Monday 28th October, 2013
Sara from AK wrote:
I'm still a kid, so when somebody told me I looked the famous Audrey Hepburn, naturally, I didn't know who she was. I looked her up that very same day, and was mesmerized by her. Who knew someone could be so beautiful, on the inside and out!

Sunday 20th October, 2013
Nils Ostrom from Chatham, Nj, Usa wrote:
I haven't seen comments for Audrey for her performance in My Fair Lady. This is the best performance I have ever seen, regardless of vocal dubbing.
She was really incredible.

Thursday 3rd October, 2013
Christine-Olive Dobard from California wrote:
I admire Audrey for her sense of compassion for the people around her and the way she lived her life, she tried to always stay positive and to help people in need. She left this world with a meaning of what inner beauty truly can be. She's not just a beautiful and talented actress, she is also a life changer. She is my role model.

Saturday 17th August, 2013
Kina Maglinte from Philippines wrote:
Audrey is beauty in substance and form. I adore her! As young as I am, idolizing Audrey keeps me in the right direction.

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