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Wednesday 1st April, 2015
Peter Burton from United Kingdom wrote:
My first big screen experience of Audrey Hepburn was 1964 on a trip as a 12 year old with my parents to one of the London's Leicester Square's cinemas. I saw My Fair Lady. The abiding memory is of the costumes, the fabulous sets, especially for example the huge library of Rex Harrison's Professor Higgins. A life long ambition to have such a library as yet still unfilled. BUT of course it was Audrey Hepburn that remained so special in my memory of that outing. I just was overwhelmed by her screen presence, her beauty which was just infinite to behold, I do remember thinking she was almost as beautiful as my Mum (I was at that age still innocent of 'adult' matters) ! Movies were still full of magic to me then in a way that I find only a rare experience nowadays. Later, of course the wonderful humanitarian side of Audrey that was to surface confirmed what an exceptional and special person she was. I miss her.

Monday 23rd March, 2015
Anjo De Klerk from Roermond(Nederland) wrote:
Ik ben Anjo ik Super Fan van Audrey Hepburn ik heb haar film pas gekocht Breakfast at Tiffany's en we hebben een schilderij van haar boven op de Kamer hangen en mijn moeder heeft een T-Shirt met haar afbeelding van haar en ik vind het liedje van haar moon rivier heel leuk die zing in ook heel vaak ik ga in de toekomst nog meer van haar kopen

Groetjes Van Anjo De Klerk

Monday 26th January, 2015
Lorna Bywater from Ontario, Canada wrote:
As a teenager,over 50 years ago, my 2 sisters and I had our own Audrey Hepburn Fan Club. We copied her way of dressing, her hair styles and tried to be like her.We were overjoyed when we received an 8 by10 glossy photograph of Audrey. It stayed on our bedroom wall for years.Audrey Hepburn was our very own teenage idol. Today, I still remember her angelic looks.I support UNICEF as my way of remembering the good she shared with others and the positive impact she had on my growing up years.

Tuesday 20th January, 2015
Girijashiva from India wrote:
RIP my darling Angel- Rememebring You each n every day. Classic beauty of All times

Sunday 10th August, 2014
Veronica from Colne, Lancashire , England wrote:
Audrey Hepburn . I wish I could have had even a small amount of this ladies courage, compassion , she is a true star. Loved the website . THANKYOU

Tuesday 15th July, 2014
Mrs. Annette Giordano from Billerica, Ma wrote:
I just had a wonderful experience reading Audrey's quotes. I will shares theses with as many people @ the proper time to help give faith, hope & believe how wonderful life can be with all the tragedy around us. Never give up. She has told & shared her life story, sorry she is not here to help others today who feel life is not worth living. Others who feel not beautiful enough. She has said so much in those quotes. First time for me to read them. Thank you God for sending them to me today, age does not matter, the year does not matter. Just beautifully done. Thank You. Annette

Wednesday 9th July, 2014
Dominique from Angers France wrote:
I've been a Audrey's fan for long. I've seen all her films and TV programmes where she appears. I've lots of books and magazines about her top. She's really the most charming lady in the world. My dream is to go to Tolochenaz.
I hope I'll go one day. I'm fond of information about Audrey. I collect photos, calendars and various objects linked to her.
Your website is wonderful.

Wednesday 7th May, 2014
Caitlin from Fridley Minnesota wrote:
I am 15 and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's a couple months ago I immediately fell in love with and wanted to learn more about Audrey and watch more of her movies. That's what i did and now Audrey Hepburn is one of my role models and my favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Sunday 4th May, 2014
Nikita Sharma from India wrote:
U live in my are my inspiration.

Wednesday 23rd April, 2014
Stefano from Varese Italy wrote:
I'm a fan of Audrey and in particular of Funny Face

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