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Friday 13th March, 2009
Patricia from Manila, Philippines wrote:
Wow! I'm so glad this site is back. I looooooove Audrey to bits. More Audrey-ing.

Wednesday 11th March, 2009
Theresia Ellasari from Jakarta, Indonesia wrote:
I adore Audrey Hepburn very much...
Even though I'm not live in her era, but I collect all her film and her biography. I think, she is really a legend star...

Monday 9th March, 2009
Eva from Whittier California wrote:
I love audrey!! this is a great web site for true fans thanks

Thursday 5th March, 2009
Renat from Sakhalin,Russia wrote:
Audrey is the best

Tuesday 3rd March, 2009
Bella from Sussex wrote:
What an amazing amazing fabulous woman Audrey Hepburn was-she has inspired so many people including me and her sprit will live on forever. A lot of people have idols that are actresses-but that may be all they know about them. That is partly why Audrey was so great-not just her acting, but her kindness towards children and other communities and her sweet, bubbly personality. She is a star and an inspiration to everyone.

Sunday 1st March, 2009
Sophiaa from Worcester, UK wrote:
Audrey Hepburn, what can i say. My life icon, my fashion icon. My icon over all. I love her! She was such an amazing, beautiful person. She did so much for people whether it was her adoring film fanatic fans or her charitible insperational work for unicef. Roman Holiday, my favourite film of hers, makes me cry every time, and Mr. Peck, lushhh (; aha. I thought i'd just mention that. x

Monday 16th February, 2009
Abby from USA wrote:
Besides being one the most amazing actresses EVER, Audrey was an amazing and kind hearted person. From what I've read about her, everyone loved her! She IS the most influencial style icons ever. No no one has since been as amazing as Audrey.

Monday 16th February, 2009
Khang ( Charade_2010 ) from Ho Chi Minh City ( Vietnam ) wrote:
I don't forget A1 everytime when I stray on the Internet .

Friday 13th February, 2009
Nora from Switzerland wrote:
I thrilled that I can watch this site again. It looks amazing. Great job.

Thursday 12th February, 2009
Amber from Georgia wrote:
i lovee audrey hepburn.she is my fav. actress of all time and i wish i could have been alive when she was so i could have met her

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