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Saturday 17th October, 2009
Stephani from United States wrote:
I enjoy the website, true audrey hepburn fan. Although i will love to see websoides and clips of movies.

Thursday 15th October, 2009
Megan from Dorset, England wrote:
What can anyone say about Audrey Hepburn. She amazing and lovely and caring. She's given me a reason to live because i suddenly realise that there are children who need my help and i have a role model for someone to grow up like. it is up to people like us to make sure people like Audrey are never forgotten and I must say Kudos to this web site for doing just that. it's a brilliant tribute to her

Monday 5th October, 2009
Karla Cantrell from Pacifica, Ca wrote:
I love Audrey, she inspires me to be a better person. I have a little poster of her in my room, and when I look at her, I found love and strengh to keep going.

Monday 5th October, 2009
Caitlin Everett from Kearney Nebraska wrote:
I am a HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan! She was a beautiful person and a wonderful actress. She is extremely missed!

Sunday 4th October, 2009
Nina from Mississippi wrote:
I looked for many websites that were " fan based " on Audrey Hepburn.. She inspired me in many ways. She was kind and generous. She is my idol. Also i would like to thank you for making a website on Audrey Hepburn.. thank you

Tuesday 29th September, 2009
HoneyBunches from Canada wrote:
I didn't know about her until one day, in the midst of my art class, my art teacher tells me to stand still, I didn't realize it, but I was in the same position that she was in for her famous picture in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

He then came back with a camera telling me to look here and tilt my head, then he started telling me about this " Audrey Hepburn", this renound actress whom was a wonderful and beautiful girl. As he put down the camera, he told me I looked like her, and to ease out on the amount of make up I wear.


Friday 25th September, 2009
Jan from Virginia Usa wrote:
When I was much younger, people said I looked like her. I wish.....
None of the actresses today hold a candle to the likes of Audrey Hepburn. She was not just physically beautiful...she radiated emotion and depth.
She was the best, and a great actress.

Sunday 13th September, 2009
Andrea from Bosnia wrote:
I yust looked the movie with Audrey,she is fabolaus..
She had a perfect style,and perfect sense of humor...
I love her.

Saturday 12th September, 2009
María Jesús from Madrid, Spain wrote:
Dear Audrey,
The only fact of getting to know such an special and gentil spirit is something magic and inspiring in current challeging times.

Thank you so much for being an inspiration for so many people around the world. This is real style of being.


Maria Jesús

Monday 7th September, 2009
AnitaAudrey from Puerto Rico wrote:
i love audrey hepburn! i'm from puerto rico and i'm the audrey's #1 fan on PR!

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