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Thursday 28th January, 2016
Audrey W. from I Can't Say. wrote:
I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn. I am using her for my school project. She is my favorite actress. My mom named ME Audrey only because she ABSOLUTELY LOVED the name Audrey.

Wednesday 20th January, 2016
Natalia from Moscow wrote:
Very fond of Audry!!!

Tuesday 29th December, 2015
Françoise from France wrote:
I discovered you website by accident and I must say that I am very happy it exists in order to keep alive Audrey's memory. Like all of you I am a fan of Audrey. When I was younger, a lot of people used to say that I look like her and still today. I started to become interested in her later. Not only the actor impressed me, but much more the person itself, who she represents with her value, her personality, her strength and weaknesses.
I wish you all the very best

Friday 4th December, 2015
NICOLAS from France wrote:
Excuse my English... I am French and I little studied it

Audrey was not the most beautiful society woman, but she had a crazy charm
There are hidden beauties.... It are the ones the most true and the most beautiful.... Here is how I would define this woman who teenager made me dream.... And with whom I was in love

Monday 16th November, 2015
Ayesha from Australia, Melbourne wrote:
I am 12 years old and in year 7. My school does a night of the notables and i choose to do Audrey Hepburn. Your website has helped me a lot thanks so much! xx

Sunday 16th August, 2015
Gary Lane from Long Beach, CA wrote:
I'm glad to have found this site. I have been an Audrey Hepburn fan since I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany's, in 1961, when I was eleven years old...She has a beauty, charm, style, and a grace of her own, that will never be equaled...I pick up my harmonica everyday, and play Moon River at least once...I think we can all meet in heaven on day, and who knows, have breakfast with Audrey at Tiffany's...

Monday 13th July, 2015
Jason Kouchak from London wrote:
Dear Audrey,
A song for you:

She may be the face I can't forget.
A trace of pleasure or regret.
Maybe my treasure
or the price I have to pay.

Merci pour l'inspiration

Wednesday 8th July, 2015
Suzanne Cabriales from San Antonio, TX wrote:
I've loved Audrey Hepburn as long as I can remember. I remember watching her movies with my mom, when I was younger. She is the definition grace and elegance, inside and out.

Thursday 25th June, 2015
Graham from South Pacific wrote:
Hi, lovely little site. I re-uploaded an old site of mine. Remember it? Just for nostalgia, if nothing else. Take care!

Monday 4th May, 2015
Judy Taylor from Sydney Australia wrote:
Hi Audrey Fans, Finally after 50 years I admit that this woman has been a guiding light in my world.
How cool can anyone be? This had to be a woman who saw life with special eyes! From viewing at the movies," My Fair Lady" onwards I was convinced that she was indeed exceptional in so many ways. I was young and in love with my date. Today we have known each other 50 years and been married for 47. We still talk about that film, her, and sing to each other from the many AMAZING Songs. My favourite is " Just you wait Henry Higgins!
His.... " Why can't a woman be more like a man?'"
Thank you God for giving us this compassionate, talented woman as a role model.

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