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Wednesday 6th January, 2010
Cheryl from Washington wrote:
I love Audrey!!! She was such an inspirational actress:) She is my idol and i would love to be just like her:)

Tuesday 5th January, 2010
Brisget from Brisbane, Australia wrote:
Audrey Hepburn is such a inspiration. She had such a beautiful soul. The world would be a much greater place if there were more people like her. I'm in awe of her and her talent and personality. Thanks for making this page, she truly is amazing.

Thursday 24th December, 2009
Dev from Antioch wrote:
I love Audrey! I think she is an amazing role model and I aspire to be just like her. I want to help the world and do humanitarian work, I also want to be a model and actress. I think that trying to be more like Audrey has made me a better person.

Monday 21st December, 2009
Bea from Sur De Chile wrote:
Gracias!! por permitirme conocer a Audre H. y compartir comentarios e imagenes tan increibles de la actriz, la mujer, y la embajadora UNICEF.
Audrey, una mujer para admirar.
Al recorrer su website, he sido muy feliz, y eso se agradece, especialmente en estos dias.
FELIZ NAVIDAD para todos Uds!!

Sunday 20th December, 2009
Henry from England,Yorkshire wrote:
I may be a boy but it does not stop me from LOVING Audrey Hepburn!!!
She is my hero! I really wish i could hav met her because she is such an amazing person. I hope to grow up to be a fashion designer.In all my designs there is a little bit of audrey!!

Thursday 10th December, 2009
Katie Mahon from Ireland wrote:
i love audrey hepburn.. she is such an inspiration to me.. my bedroom is full of stuuf idolising her!!

Sunday 6th December, 2009
Elayna from U.S. wrote:
I've just begun my research paper about Audrey. I know she was an amazing woman. She influenced the world of acting tremendously, and she did a lot of humanitarian work.
Everyone can learn something from Audrey. I know I'm going to learn A LOT by doing my research paper on her!

Saturday 5th December, 2009
Maria from Madrid wrote:
Nunca en mis 22 años de vida vi una cara tan bella. Esta mujer era y sera la musa de la sencillez. Ojala pudiese ser como ella.
Sin duda, una la mejor actriz de todos los tiempos.

Tuesday 1st December, 2009
Shelby Lewis from Kansas City, Missouri wrote:
Im a fairly new Audrey fan...well, of course I knew about her. EVERYONE knows Audrey Hepburn. I was first introduced to her on screen this summer and saw her amazing portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys and then I just became OBSESSED. Audrey Hepburn became my inspiration for everything, from my acting classes to how I think....
'Would Audrey say it like this?'....
'Would Audrey eat this for dinner?'....
'Would Audrey yell at me if I said this to my mom?'
(just general things of that nature)
She was an adorable person both on the inside and outside and she would have been an amazing person to be a friend.

GOD BLESS AUDREY HEPBURN and may her beautiful soul continue to inspire and live forever in our hearts :)

Tuesday 24th November, 2009
Larissa P from Salem, Oregon wrote:
I love audrey hepburn! she is my hero.

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