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Thursday 4th November, 2010
Steph from Toowoomba wrote:
Audrey Hepburn is truly amazing!

Tuesday 2nd November, 2010
Jörg Sandmayer from Homburg wrote:
Die schönste Frau die unsere Erde je betreten hat.

Saturday 9th October, 2010
Melissa from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
Audrey Hepburn really was an amazing female. She was and still is, an inspiration to all girls, teens, & women in the world. Although she is now resting, her quotes still inspire us. I heart you Audrey Hepburn, you really were a strong yet caring women.

Tuesday 5th October, 2010
William Reed from Carmel, Ca, Usa wrote:
Well, I first met Audrey when my grandmother took me to see ""My Fair Lady" when a teenager. Of course, I loved the film., it's stll my favorite
musical; the combination of the wit of GB Shaw and the beauty of the Lerner & Lowe score is matchless. But it was Audrey who mesmerized
me and the scene before the ball when she sdescend the stair in the Beaton gown took my breath away & still does. Thus began a lifelong
adventure with Audrey. And who after combined the beauty and the talent with a nature lovingly wise and wisely loving, like hers. Audrey, even now
we celebrate your virtues and pray that you have been rewarded for your extraordinary generosity. The way you closed the last chapter of your life with UNICEF speaks volumes still.

Sunday 3rd October, 2010
Maria Clara from Brazil wrote:
Hello everyone, greetings from Brazil. I was doing one of my searches on internet when I came across this beautiful website! You guys are doing an amazing work! I'm only 19 but I'm a fan of Audrey since I was a child because my mom loves her. I remember that we used to watch Sabrina on TV and everything, great times... Anyway, thanks for having done this wonderful work and please, keep up with it!
Love, Clara

Thursday 23rd September, 2010
Shameek Bose from India wrote:
Audrey Hepburn was regarded one of the best actresses in her time. She was beautiful, sexy, smart, intelligent, versatile. She was also remembered for her social work that helped and still hepling many hapless people to live with dignity, children to live a normal life. Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady are my most favourite films. I watch these two movies over hundred times for perfect acting, still watching, I am just 30, in 2010 and still love to watch her movies of '50s, '60s. Is that not proved her greatness that many poeople love to watch her movies after 50 years of making?

Tuesday 21st September, 2010
Cindy from Toronto, Canada wrote:
Audrey Hepburn - a magnificent human being.

Monday 20th September, 2010
Jo Ashcroft from West Midlands wrote:
I have long been an admirer of Audrey Hepburn and I'm always watch her films when they are on the television. Any idea when they are to be shown so I can record them many thanks

Saturday 18th September, 2010
Riva Sanches from São Paulo / Brasil wrote:
Impressionada com sua beleza, simplicidade, talento e principalmente generosidade... sua causa será eterna assim como sua existência na memória de todos.

Saturday 4th September, 2010
Sam from China wrote:
no one can instead of her

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