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Thursday 27th January, 2011
Avril from Southampton, England wrote:
I watched "To Steal a Million" again on tv today I love Audrey Hepburn films so I decided to do a web search on her and found this great site. Thank you for all the information you have provided about Audreys life it is nice to know that she was as lovely in real life as she appeared in her films. I have been reading the guestbook and it is wonderful to see that so many young people are watching her films and enjoying them.

Monday 10th January, 2011
Michael from Vancouver, British Columbia wrote:
I have been an admirer of Audrey's since I was very young, around the time that 'Two For The Road' was released. Since then my appreciation and love for this wonderful human being has done nothing but grow exponentially. With her abundance of talent, her incomparable beauty, and her undying devotion to the betterment of mankind, she is truly a unique and wonderful spirit that will live on forever. I feel blessed to have lived in a time where she and I drew our breath from the same air. Not a day goes by where I do not think of her.

Friday 17th December, 2010
Michelle from London Britain wrote:
I think of Audrey has the most amazing actress and style icon. I love that since sabrina she only wore Hubert gievency in all her films I luv in how to steal a million Peter o tole says " wear this and give Hubert givencey a night off. Poor Edith head not being able to dress her in ever film except roman holiday in the credits it says costumes by Edith head Audrey hepburns by Hubert givencey. When I watch a Audrey Hepburn film at the end I am am in love in love with her her love her charactors life she's made me laugh(Paris when it sizzles/how to steal a million/ breakfast at tiffaneys ) she has made me crie (breakfast at tiffaneys) made me sing(my fair lady/funny face/breakfast at tiffaneys) I was in captured and thrilled by charade and fell in love ever film from roman holiday to how to steal a million (pardon my spelling I am only 13) revoir ( most of her films set in Paris which I fell in luv with

Saturday 4th December, 2010
Cees Van Proosdij from Best, Netherlands wrote:
Dear fellow Audrey lovers,

Yesterday I've recieved the book: Bob Willoughby AUDREY HEPBURN. Great to see lots of unique pictures wich where never relieved. The book is a limited version of 1.000 with a signature of Bob. I've recieved no. 995. Not cheap but so special. I guess there are a few more for sale. Look at I'm one off the happiest in the world!

Yours sincerely,

Sunday 14th November, 2010
Kristin Lucero from LP. Philippines wrote:
cool page! :) love her.

Sunday 14th November, 2010
Dalanie Beach from Indiana wrote:
I adore Audrey and I want to be just like her someday! I am only 13, but my passion for Audrey is stronger than any adult I know. I dressed up as her in Breakfast at Tiffany's for Halloween, and I was happy to find that many people recognized me. I even got to portray her as Eliza Doolittle in a play through my community. There are still lots of fans out there for you, Audrey! I love this website, and I think it's really sweet of you to make it. I really like how there's all of these newspaper articles about her. I especially liked the "Absolutely Audrey" one. It was a sweet little story about her. The one about the stamps I actually found and hung up on my wall. I was screaming with joy when I found it (litteraly.) I'm saving up my money to give to UNICEF and The Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund. I love this site! Thank you!

Saturday 13th November, 2010
Rebekah from South Carolina wrote:
Hey guys im an absolute fanatic of Audrey Hepburns my whole room is designed around her! I watch her movies almost every night i love her! I am 18 years old and when i talk about her at school people look at me and say who?? My grandparents are always watching old movies and one day when watching Sabrina i fell in love. Im so glad i found this website of others who share my passion.

Thursday 11th November, 2010
Lidia And Vanessa D'Amico Cioffi from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada wrote:
My Daughter Vanessa and I just love Audrey Hepburn she is a natural beauty. She was not only a wonderful actress but a wonderful caring person . We Love and adore you Audrey.

Saturday 6th November, 2010
Debojyoti from Kolkata, India wrote:
funny face is my first encounter with audrey hepburn... when i was in 2nd year of my college.... and 'SHE' and her acting strike me so much that after funny face.. i just spend whole of my next 3 months, ignoring all my important study in medical college, to see all his movies from roman holiday to "always"..again and again.. searching every fine detail through internet and collecting 100s of her charismatic photographs, video clips......... i just wanted to surround my myself by her presence........... and 6years gone..and still now.. the same feeling still persist.. ohho..!!! what a actress.. what a lady,.. what a beauty.. and above all.. what a human being she was.......... 'an angel with golden heart' ..

first liked her... then started to love her. ultimately worship her......

Thursday 4th November, 2010
Murasakiimo from Japan wrote:
I love Audrey since 1965.
i first met her How to steal a million.

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