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Audrey Hepburn Timeline 1970 - 1979

Audrey's career took a back seat for most of the 1970s while she concentrated on being a mother to her two sons: Sean and Luca.


Luca Dotti is born on February 8 in a Caesarean delivery. Audrey settles into motherhood, and despite later reports of her nightclubbing husband being in the company of other women, she would claim a happiness and contentment in her role as a Roman wife and mother.

Although "retired" Audrey announces a willingness to act, but only in Rome. She turns down Forty Carats and Nicholas and Alexandria because she thinks herself too old. Finally she becomes more interested in her husband's profession, accompanying him on lectures and other job-related missions.

In rare a excursion into show business Audrey works on a UNICEF television special, and in the next year on a series of Japanese wig commercials.


Audrey suffers her fifth miscarriage.


After rejecting many scripts, Audrey is finally brought out of her "retirement" by Robin and Marian, to star opposite Sean Connery.

Robin and Marian is filmed in Spain, in six weeks—a pace she is unaccustomed to in her experience from earlier films. Her return will be welcomed by fans and critics alike, although reviews of the film are mixed.

Once the movie is completed, the couple start to receive anonymous kidnapping threats for Sean and Luca. For safety, Audrey relocates them to Switzerland. Soon afterward, there is an attempt to abduct Dr. Dotti as he leaves his clinic but his cries attract security guards which foils the attempt. Audrey needs no further inducement to remain in Tolochenaz.


Audrey flies to the U.S. for the dual purpose of the Robin and Marian premiere at Radio City Music Hall and her appearance at the American Film Institute's honoring of seventy-three-year-old William Wyler.

Dr. Dotti joins her later at the Academy Awards ceremony, at which Audrey - greeted on stage by a standing ovation from her peers - presents the Best Picture Oscar to producer Michael Douglas for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Robin and Marian brings Audrey offers, including A Bridge Too Far and Richard's Things, which for one reason or another she turns down.


During their marriage Dotti's role as husband continues to include going out with young women; and, embarrassingly, his outings are duly recorded in the newspapers. Although confidantes know of Audrey's unhappiness, she would continue to protect their marriage by insisting that they had their differences and, like any couple, that they were "basically happy."

Audrey agrees to star in the Sidney Sheldon thriller, Bloodline. After shooting, Audrey returns to Rome.

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