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Audrey Hepburn Timeline 1960 - 1969

During the 1960s, Audrey took on more daring roles such as Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey also became a mother after giving birth to her first son, Sean.


On July 17, in Lucerne, Switzerland, Audrey Hepburn gives birth to Sean Ferrer. He is baptized in the same chapel and by the same pastor who had married Audrey and Mel six years earlier.

The shooting of Breakfast at Tiffany's takes place in New York, followed by some in Hollywood. It opens in October, doing less well than the studio hoped, although it does exert a significant cultural influence. For this role, Audrey will be nominated for her fourth Oscar but again not win.


Audrey next film is The Children's Hour, which reunites her with William Wyler. During the Hollywood shoot Audrey's dog, Mr. Famous, is run over on Wilshire Boulevard. Mel quickly assuages her grief by presenting her with a new dog, Sam.

The Ferrers then return to Europe, with Mel departing soon after to Paris for a part in The Longest Day.


Audrey shoots Paris When it Sizzles in Paris. Hepburn and her lead, William Holden, are brought together to fulfill Paramount's contractual commitments. Wildy overbudget on completion, its creative failure means that it is shelved, only to be released two years later.

Audrey stays on in Paris for Charade. She is finally teamed up with costar Cary Grant, who has already twice rejected working with Audrey (Sabrina, Love in the Afternoon) as he had been uncomfortable with the age gap. The film will become her biggest box office hit as of this time.


After eight months working without a break, Audrey concludes the filming of Charade. The Ferrers return home in Switzerland.

After months of negotiations between Kurt Frings, her agent, and Warner Brothers, Audrey gains the lead role in My Fair Lady. The decision is controversial: producer Jack Warner determines that Audrey Hepburn is a better choice for such a costly film than Broadway's lead, Julie Andrews—at this time a virtual cinematic unknown. Having recorded vocal tracks for the film herself, Audrey is shocked to find out that she will be dubbed, by Marni Nixon. This dogs her to the Oscars where she fails to receive a nomination in the Best Actress category, eventually won by Julie Andrews in her film debut, Mary Poppins.


Audrey teams up again with director William Wyler, in Paris, for How to Steal a Million. On completing the shoot the Ferrers exchange their Bürgenstock home for one in the village of Tolochenaz-sur-Morges. It is called "La Paisible," which translates as 'the peaceful place.' They also purchase a winter home in Marbella.

Audrey finds herself pregnant again, but a month later miscarries.


After turning down many scripts offered her, Audrey accepts Two for the Road. The film utilizes Audrey in nearly every scene and she has no time with her family. Mel elects to stay at home with Sean, and works on a deal with Frings to secure Wait Until Dark for his wife.


Audrey shoots Wait Until Dark, with her husband as producer. Emotionally, the film is difficult as Audrey is privately coping with the disintegration of her marriage. Also, she works so hard that she loses almost fifteen pounds while filming. The film opens later in the year to great success, and Audrey's fifth (and final) Oscar nomination follows.

Audrey and Mel argue over the future of her career. He wants her to make more movies, while Audrey looks forward to spending more time with Sean. Sadly at this time, another pregancy follows which again ends in miscarriage.

The Ferrers plan another Mayerling together—with Mel producing the film starring Audrey opposite Omar Sharif. Audrey doesn't want to work again so soon with her husband so Mel instead casts Catherine Deneuve. Audrey stays at home with Sean while Mel works on the film.

September, and the announcement comes that Audrey and Mel are living apart. Audrey doesn't wish to continue work and so asks Frings not to send her any more scripts.


On November 21 the Ferrer's divorce is announced. Details are kept secret, but Audrey retains custody of Sean and the home in Tolochenaz.


On January 18 Audrey marries Italian psychiatrist-neurologist Andrea Dotti whom she met on a private cruise in June of the previous year. There is no formal honeymoon and the couple settle down in Rome, with Sean enrolled in a bilingual school there. Audrey retains La Paisible as a weekend retreat and summer home, its staff supervised by Baroness van Heemstra who now lives there year-round.

Four months into marriage Audrey discovers she is pregnant. She retreats to La Paisible to take extra precaution against the worst.

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