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Rare Audrey Hepburn Stamp Goes To Auction

Posted: May 26th, 2009

A rare Audrey Hepburn stamp, that was supposed to be destroyed, is going to be auctioned in Berlin today. The stamp was created in 2001 by the German government as part of a collection of stamps featuring movies stars such as Marylin Monroe and Greta Garbo.

14 million of the stamps were printed, but they were never released to the public because Audrey's son, Sean Ferrer objected to the design, which featured Audrey in one of her most famous photos as Holly Golightly.

As is evident by the auction, not all copies of the stamp were destroyed. So far, five of them have surfaced since 2004 - one of which sold at auction for 53,000 euros in 2005. It is believed 30 proof versions of the stamp escaped destruction when an unknown employee at Deutsche Post took the stamps and used them to send letters postmarked in Berlin.

EDIT at 18:13:00 BST: The stamp was sold for 67,000 euros to an anonymous buyer.

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