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Nederlands in 7 Lessen Online

Posted: 19th March, 2009

We have some really exciting news! Nederlands in 7 Lessen, Audrey's debut appearance in a motion picture, is available to view online.

Audrey was only 18 when she appeared in Nederlands in 7 Lessen and was paid fifty gilders for her part as KLM steward in Charles van der Linden's travelogue of the Netherlands.

This is a rare chance to see Audrey's first movie appearance, because it has never been available for the public to buy and it is rarely seen outside of the Netherlands. It is the full 79 minute version and Audrey makes her first appearance around 7 minutes in to the movie and appears again at around 48 minutes. The dialog in the movie is in Dutch and there are no subtitles.

Watch it while you can: Nederlands in 7 Lessen
(Windows Media Player required or Flip4Mac plugin for Quicktime on a Mac)

You can watch the two short clips featuring Audrey here:


  1. rating1. Sophia said...
    Charming, Charming as ever. Even thought I don't understand a word of it! aha, Xx
  2. rating2. Prince Andrei said...
    Wonderful! A diamond unearthed. A must for Audrey film collectors........she was just simply a natural! Anyone know where or how I can get hold of 'Monte Carlo Baby'? It's now the only early film of Audrey missing from my collection.
  3. rating3. Willem in Amsterdam/New York said...
    How wonderful! A real treat to see Audrey in this rare time capsule. Just simple and beautiful have been looking for this movie/documentary since November 2008 when I read an article about the movie, in Business Traveler Magazine on board a KLM trans-Atlantic flight from JFK-Amsterdam-Schiphol. KLM should have this out on there IFE-system
    What fun I really enjoyed this!
    Thanks for posting this on your web-page.
  4. rating4. Andrea said...
    "I saw a dream coming into the room" said "Nederlands" director when he met Audrey in his office.. and he was just the first of a long list to have this feeling - and privilège!
    This is really a great gift, thank you so much for posting these clips..
  5. rating5. Alessandro ... said...
    Just wonderful! What a great emotion!

    Last year I was visiting Audrey's grave in Tolochenaz (Vaud Canton, Switzerland) and since then I started to looking for her first movie appearance: something like "to close the circle" ...

    Guys you did a great job in making available online "Nederlands in 7 Lessen": thank you so much!
  6. rating6. White Cloud said...
    As you may know, "Monte Carlo Baby" was filmed twice, once in English and once in French. The French version "Nous irons à Monte Carlo," is not a voice over, the dvd is available in France and is a rare opportunity to see Audrey perform in French, in which she was fluent.
  7. rating7. Bhagwan Murthy, India said...
    Please, won't someone speaking Dutch translate the dialogues into a text file and upload it, so that non-Dutch viewers like me can understand them?

  8. rating8. Megan Bos said...
    I'm Dutch, and I wouldn't mind subbing the film, or the parts Audrey is in. But I can't seem to get the video to work, just the audio. Does the link still work?
  9. rating9. Florence Kiff said...
    What a great discovery. Thanks for posting this. The pilot Adriaan Viruly was my grand father. I had heard that he featured in her first movie, and here at last is the proof. ;)
  10. rating10. said...
    Bos Megan, have you write a neederlands subtitles?
  11. rating11. Liesbeth said...
    Here the translation of the short videoclip. I hope its clear of all of you...

    There they are those Dutch people (Hollanders)
    It was an actual idea: I had to pick one of them and have an interview.

    - Stop! Watch it child!

    - Yes you! (whistles) Yes you! Who are you anyway?

    (Audrey) Im a stewardess for KLM (Dutch carrier airline)

    - You dont look anything like it...

    (Audrey) You should see me in my little suit!

    - Wowowowow... not bad!
    Oh yeah, let me tell you all that ive learned from her.
    Let me see if i remember correctly what she said...
    On the ground we are all done, but in the sky we are still building because Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) was one big mess.
    There were the new hangars are, that was one big swamp (with holes, i guess...)
    But (progress) is going well for our Amsterdam Airport. In 2 more years you will see: Everything in plush steel and glass and concreet. But if you ask me, we will be homesick to all the small narrow barracks that we started to build with.

    - There is our 'Freedom street'

    (English speaking)

    - Here starts the modernst of all fairytales. Who enters here, comes out at the same time (next day) under the palm trees of Java or (somewhere that i didnt understand) or at the eskimos in the high North. Schiphol. Stepping stone to the whole world.

    - She said: Do you know? I have a swell little job! That is a tradition of our country, to explore the world.

    - There they go again. Dressed a little different than 300 years ago, but still going to the same Batavia (Jakarta) but now it takes 2 days instead of 1,5 years. Every day of the week. 9 men and a girl crew, and 40 passengers. Over 3 deserts, 5 seas and 10 hours jungle to the 40 dishes of the rice table (dont know how to translate. Its an Indonesian dish) in Batavia. There they go! Everyday plain as simple, but still it can give you a lump in your throat every day.

    - But of course this is aviation for the advanced. The kindergarten is at Schiphol. The whole summer, busses filled with toddlers come from all of Holland to learn the ABC's (metaphor for the people who come to watch the airplanes) The whole world understands: for maintenance, scrubbing and cleaning you have to be in The Netherlands. They come from far for this.

    - And then those airliners (showing aircrafts)

    - Hmmm, not bad! Sweet hu? Dutch glory... (referring to Audrey)
    - (clears throat) Well, then suddenly a man came out from the airplaine and... uhhh... now what?? Now she abandons me! (with sad voice) Whats happening?

    (Pilot greets the camera) Hello sir!

    (pilot and Audrey talk to eachother) Ohh... he doesnt feel like it..... no no no, not gonna happen.... or is it? Then suddenly he said that he was going to make a testflight with a new engine and I could come along. Now that was mister Viruli (I think thats what his name was :-) ) Hardly I set foot on Dutch ground, and I was in the clouds again. Sadly she couldnt come. Too bad, workshift is workshift. Hmm... now i forgot what i told her..No no no, really i did! She flushed but it couldnt be too bad because she replied with a very friendly:

    (Audrey) Goodbye!


    - I think this piece of my private collection the prettiest (referring to Audrey)

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