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Rainy Day in Paradise Junction

In 1952, Audrey appeared with Carmen Mathews in a CBS Television workshop production called Rainy Day in Paradise Junction. You can watch this TV show for free at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills, California. Many thanks to Kendal for transcribing it for us.

Cast and Credits

Audrey HepburnVirginia Forsight
Carmen MathewsJane Perkinson
Anthony RossJoe Winters
Robert RossHarold Moore
Paul LangtonBill Shaw

Written for television by Meade Roberts.
Directed by David Rich.

Rainy Day in Paradise Junction

Virginia is out in the rain at a train station, she walks with a metal brace on her left foot. She walks to the platform, and shakes her short hair out of her scarf. She goes to the window of the Comet Cafe and looks in. Then she enters the cafe. Inside, a woman is sitting at a table, and a man is at the jukebox. Virginia takes off her long dark coat and sits down to warm herself. She is wearing a short sleeve white button-up blouse, untucked, with short jeans, and a scarf tied around her collar. Joe starts the jukebox. Big Wide Wonderful World plays. He sings along.

Jane:You play that same song over and over.
Joe:I like it. (sings along)
Jane:But why the same one all the time?
Hal:Ninety nine others to choose from
Joe:But this is the sweetest. (sings) Besides, it drowns out the thunder. Thunder makes me nervous.
Hal:At your age?
Joe:Oh, don't get me wrong, it doesn't always bother me. Only when I'm excited. I'm excited tonight. Tomorrow I start on a new job. In Dallas. I want to forget about it tonight.
Joe:Oh, because it's a big job. A good one. I think I'll make good at it. I've got to. (sings) Say, do you listen to the words of songs?
Jane:Well, not always.
Joe:Well, you should, everybody should. It's very relaxing. you know it's like being in another world.
Jane:Another world. Well, I like that phrase. Well, I suppose that's silly.
Joe:Why is it silly?
Jane:Well, it doesn't seem to make much sense.
Joe:What's the matter?
Jane:Matter? Why should anything be the matter?
Joe:Well, if you don't mind me saying so, you seem kind of nervous too.
Joe:Oh, I'm - I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense.
Jane:Of course not, I ah, could I have another cup of coffee please, very light. I ah, I like very light coffee, with lots of sugar. People back home tell me I like coffee with my sugar. I generally take three lumps. (Hal hands her coffee) Yes, well, thank you. You're right, I am kind of nervous.
Joe:You going on a new job too?
Jane:No, definately not, I'm going away from a job. I ah, I ran a guesthouse in Caphill Pennsylvania [I couldn't find this city, what else could it be? ] for twenty - well, it's been almost thirty years now. Yes I, I've seen all kinds of people come to my house at night and leave the next morning. People on their way to Montana, Texas, Florida. All the places that I've never been to. And suddenly two weeks ago i decided - no, I shouldn't be telling you this.
Joe:Well, why not?
Jane:Well, you're a stranger.
Joe:A stranger's ears are the best ears. Please.
Jane:Well, I decided that if ever I was going to find what I'd been looking for my whole life I'd better start looking for it right away. It's an odd choice for me to make at my age. Twenty five years ago I saved to go to Europe. I never went. And now, suddenly, I sold my share of the house, I packed my bags and here I am, alone in a railway station, waiting for a train. I don't know why I'm telling you all this, I'm never able to talk to people and here I am chattering away.
Hal:We all have to talk to someone.
Jane:Yes, especially when your train isn't due for three hours.
Hal:Where you going?
Jane:Mexico, first. Acapulco, Guernavaca, maybe Guatamala too, later on.
Hal:Oh, I envy you.
Jane:Envy me?
Hal:I envy anyone going anyplace. This cafe is a little like a guesthouse too. Every morning and evening, I see people coming and going.
Joe:You're lucky.
Joe:You going to California too? South America?
Jane:Well, I ah, I'm going to keep on traveling until I ah, find what I'm looking for
Joe:And what's that?
Jane:Well, I don't know for sure. Something - something different. Maybe the fountain of youth which Ponce de Leon was always looking for. Maybe love, which I've always been looking for. Anwyay, something- something different.

All the while, Virginia has been listening in, more intently in the last couple minutes, and she finally says something.

Virginia:I'm going to California.
Virginia:I'm waiting for the next train.
Jane:You're soaked.
Virginia:Well, I've been sitting on the platform bench for quite a while, I- I was looking at the tracks all wet and glistening in the rain.
Jane:Oh, but you should have come in before. You'll catch cold and pneumonia.
Joe:Are you traveling to California alone?
Virginia:Oh, yes.
Joe:Do you live there?
Virginia:Not yet, but I'm going to. Hollywood. Does anyone know where I could find a nice furnished room that isn't too expensive?
Jane:I've never been there.
Joe:I haven't been in Hollywood for years.
Virginia:But you were there once?
Joe:Oh, yes.
Virginia:(she stands up) Is it really as beautiful as they say?
Joe:Yeah, it's very beautiful.
Joe:I was in love in Hollywood.
Jane:In love! Now what happened?
Joe:The story of my life. She married somebody else. She didn't believe in me. Say (to Hal), are you married?
Hal:Oh yes, indeed.
Joe:Does your wife believe in you?
Hal:Oh, I think so.
Joe:Oh, that's very important. To have someone close who really believes in you. You know you might think it's self-pity, but nobody ever believed in me.
Jane:Not your parents?
Joe:Nah. They called me the black sheep. Why, I have six other brothers, all successful. From the time they were kids they knew what the world was like, what they had to do to get ahead. Not me. I never knew. I don't know. Maybe that's why I've had fifteen, twenty jobs. Fired from every one. Maybe I like failure. Mabye I'm addicted to it, like some people are to drink or to women. But I don't think so.
Jane:Is that why this job is so important? Then you will suceed. I know it. You know, things have got to change for the better. I expect that this trip will change my whole life, I feel it.
Bill:(at the bar, to Hal) Another beer, please.
Jane:You doubt me, don't you?
Bill:Doubt you, I haven't said a word.
Jane:I know, but I've seen you out of the corner of my eye, you've been watching us and quietly making fun of us.
Bill:I can assure you, I haven't been making fun of you.
Jane:Now you've been standing there judging us.
Bill:I don't judge anything or anybody except myself, believe me.
Jane:Oh, really.
Bill:Just waiting for the rain to stop. I've got a date at midnight, my windshield wipers broke. That's all I'm thinking about lady, not judgement - windshield wipers.
Jane:A date at midnight. Now that sounds rather odd to me.
Bill:Maybe I'm an odd person. Oh, I look kind of common, I know, but in fact, I'm really quite odd. You see, I'm a realist, lady, and that makes me odd. These days.
Jane:You are a cynic.
Bill:Realistism [?]
Jane:Realism is scynicism. It's also distruction. It's what's ruining the world today. Well I'm not going to let it ruin me, I won't.

Joe starts the jukebox again. Same song.

Virginia:That's a purdy tune, what's it called?
Joe:It's a Big Wide Wonderful World.
Virginia:I like it.
Joe:So do I, uh, Miss, uh...
Virginia:Forsight. Virginia Forsight. Forsight's an English name, you know. My father was english. What are all your names?
Joe:Uh, Joe.
Jane:Jane Perkinson.
Virginia:And yours?
Hal:Harold Moore.
Virginia:And yours?
Bill:Really want to know?
Virginia:I wouldn't ask you if I didn't.
Bill:Shaw, Bill Shaw.
Virginia:It's a pity you should have to wait in a station because of the rain. You, on a Saturday night, should be out dancing. Do you have a cigarette?
Bill:Aren't you kind of young to smoke?
Virginia:That's what everybody says. I don't agree. They say it's bad for the lungs. Well, I've been smoking since as far back as I can remember, my lungs are about as fine as lungs can be. (she takes a cigarette and he lights it)
Jane:Your parents don't mind?
Virginia:They're dead. My father died when I was a baby. My mother died three days ago. Before that she didn't care. Just look at that smoke.
Jane:Three days ago.
Virginia:The funeral was yesterday. It's a funny fu - funeral, but maybe it's because it's the first one I've ever been to. You know, although I felt awfully sad, I ____ at all, I felt rather glad, too.
Virginia:I don't have to run away now. My sister ran away when she was fifteen and married a man from Wichita. We lived in a small house in back of a general store in Colorado, not far from here. It was lonely. Nothing to do but look at picture postcards and count the clouds. We should have moved, but my mother never cared. She never cared to do anything- to talk, to laugh, or - or even get angry and cry. Even in her coffin when she should have been beautiful she looked tired, and I don't know why. All I know is I packed my bags and left the village and I felt glad and sort of funny. It's my first time by myself. Everybody though I was going to live in Wichita with my sister.
Bill:And why aren't you?
Virginia:Wichita's dull.
Bill:You ever been there?
Bill:Then why say it's dull?
Virginia:I can tell, just the name is enough. I'm tired of living in places where nothing happens. I'm sizteen and it's time things started happening. And they wouldn't in Wichita. But Hollywood.
Jane:You want to be in the movies!
Virginia:Partly. Most of all I want to dance. I saw a movie once about a ballet, and oh, it was beautiful, and I made up my mind, then and there that even if it took all my life I was going to dance.
Joe:Dancing. That takes a lot of work.
Virginia:I'm not afraid of work.
Joe:Well, it also costs a lot of money.
Virginia:Oh, I'll find some job to keep me going. All I worry about now is an apartment.
Joe:Yeah. I know, but lots of other things come up that you don't reckon on now.
Virginia:Why are you trying to stop me?
Joe:I'm not trying to stop you. I wouldn't dream of stopping anybody.
Virginia:You are. You're being very kind, but you're not saying whats on your mind, I can tell.
Virginia:Well you think I'm crippled and I don't know it. And how in the world is a cripple going to be a dancer? Well dont' think I'm stupid, Mr. Moore, I'm not. I've not been around much, but I've read quite a lot, and I think I'm quite intelligent. I know I've got something wrong with me but it doesn't bother me and that's the truth.
Joe:That's wonderful
Virginia:Not wonderful, Mr. Winters, practical.
Jane:Of course it is.
Virginia:You think I'm floating on air, don't you? I'm not, I've very practical. You see, when I was five, I had rheumatic fever and the doctor told my mother I wouldn't live to be ten. Well, here I am, sixteen and the rheumatic fever's gone. I outgrew it. Yes, I know I'm crippled, but why shouldn't I outgrow that? Why shouldn't I grow up to be like anybody else, and why if I wanted to, shouldn't I grow up to be a dancer?
Jane:Yes, of course, why shouldn't you be a dancer? And why shouldn't Mr. Winders be a great success in Dallas? And why shouldn't I find what I'm looking for in Mexico? There's no reason, is there, Mr. Winters?
Joe:No, no reason at all.
Jane:No, no, if only we have faith. Yes. Faith. Why didn't I think of that before? Here I've been over a hot cup of coffee, lonely and tired and depressed. And you, Mr. Winters, you've been playing that same old record to drown out the thunder because thunder frightens you. Oh. Why both of us have in our hearts been thinking that we were unfortunate. But we're not, are we? Because we have one thing - belief. Belief in a dream.
Bill:A dream is right.
Jane:You're a cynic, Mr. Shaw. What vision have you got of the world? What hope? Nothing. Except that the rain will stop and you'll be able to make your date. Oh-ho, I'm - I'm glad suddenly. I'm relieved.
Joe:You know that's funny, so am I? But you know I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. I can suddenly believe that everything is changing... I can see the expression on my brothers faces. When they get my card. Engraved. Joseph Winters. Buyer, Dallas Texas.
Bill:Another beer, Hal.
Virginia:You don't believe us, do you, Mr. Shaw?
Jane:Don't mind him, he's from Missouri. He has to be shown.
Virginia:Is that it, Mr. Shaw? You have to be shown? All right, I'll show you. I'll prove to you we're not just talking.
Virginia:I'm gonig to dance for him.
Jane:Oh, no, dear.
Virginia:Please, Miss. Perkinson, I want to. You must forgive me, I'm not very good yet, and jeans are not exactly the right clothes for dancing. (she rummages in her purse on the chair for change)
Bill:Look, kid, you don't have to prove it.
Virginia:Please, Mr. Shaw, don't stop me. I'm going to show you. (to Hal) Do you have some nickels please, I'd like to use the jukebox.
Joe:Here, I've got plenty of change.
Virginia:Oh, but you must let me pay.
Joe:Oh, no, I insist. It'll be my contribution.
Jane:And here's my broach. I want you to wear it.
Virginia:Oh, it's beautiful, but I shouldn't. It's - it's too -
Jane:Oh no no no, please.
Joe:What do you want to hear? It's a Big Wide Wonderful World?
Jane:No, not again.
Joe:How High the Moon... The Little White Cloud That Cried... I Talk to the Trees...
Virginia:I'd like a Vienese waltz, please.
Jane:A waltz.
Hal:I think they got one there.
Joe:Oh, is this one it? Vine ah...
Hal:Yes, that's it.
Jane:Veen. Yes, Veen. Oh, how lovely. Vienna!

The music plays.

Joe:Go on, please, go on.

Virginia dances slowly, and then quietly frustrated, stops.
She looks like she's going to cry.

Hal:Dancing's for two people, never one. I'll dance with you. I haven't danced since my wedding. A long time ago.
Jane:Everything seems to have happened a long time ago!
Joe:May I cut in?

Hal and Jane are dancing partners, and Joe and Virginia are partners.

Joe:You feeling sad now?
Virginia:No, not now. I think the rain stopped.
Joe:Even the thunder sounds far away.

Virginia sees Bill standing alone, and Joe lets her go to him.

Virginia:Would you dance with me? Please?

They dance.

Virginia:It's been a day of firsts for me. My first time alone and, my first dance. You're very good looking, you know. I saw you at once when I came in, I - forgive me, I'm being forward. But tonight is such a strange night, I feel I want to laugh at everything. I love to laugh, it's the nicest feeling in the world. I so much want to be in love.
Bill:you will be, someday.
Virginia:I so much want to dance. I can dance. I can dance in Hollywood, can't I?
Jane:This is not Saint Josephs Palace, and that is not a live orchestra, but if we close our ears it's Vienna. Haha!
Virginia:Tell me, Bill. Nevermind. I - I know what you're going to say. (she walks away and leans on the jukebox)
Bill:Listen to me.
Jane:Don't listen to him!
Bill:Look, kid.
Jane:Don't listen!
Bill:Let me explain.
Jane:He'll hurt you.
Virginia:You don't have to explain, Bill. I - I already understand. I always have. Here. I'd - I'd like to show you this. (she pulls out a paper from her pocket and hands it to Bill) Don't cry, Mrs. Perkinson, I don't want you to cry. (to Bill) I wouldn't do that if I were you. did you read what I gave you?
Virginia:Read it out loud. It's my ticket.
Bill:To Wichita.
Virginia:Yes, to Wichita. All the time - to Wichita.
Joe:Why? Why -
Virginia:Why I don't know why. Yes I do. I - I was sitting on the platform bench and I was looking at the tracks all wet and glistening in the rain and I thought of the trains going to California. I bade believe I was going. When I came in here I told you that and I believed it. Yes, I believed it. It was wonderful while it lasted. Why did it have to stop? Why couldn't it have lasted just a little bit longer until my train came?
Bill:I'm sorry, kid.
Jane:Why weren't you going to Hollywood?
Virginia:Kids dream of going to Hollywood. They dream about it all the time. Day and night. I guess I'm not a kid anymore. I should give up such foolishness. I think the rain stopped, I'll go outside. My train should be around- (She puts on her coat)
Bill:No, don't go, please!
Virginia: - in a minute. I want to go. Thank you for letting me wear your broach, Miss. Perkinson.
Jane:Please, won't you keep it?
Virginia:Thanks. I don't really need it anymore. Well, good bye everybody. It's been very nice meeting you all. See you again, soon? (she leaves the room with her suitcase. Looks back before exiting) Goodbye.
Joe:Let her go. It was so nice, so nice.
Jane:What are you going to do, Mr. Winters?
Joe:Do? Go on. There's nothing else to do.
Jane:She was never going to Hollywood? And we're never going where we want to, are we, Mr. Winters?
Joe:You mustn't say that.
Jane:We're dreamers, that's all, we're idle dreamers. Maybe twenty five years ago, yes, but we're old. There's no time left. Not much time-
Joe:Now don't talk like that.
Jane:(to Bill) Well, why don't you go? The rain stopped, you can make your date. You're young. Why don't you go? Let me see. (Bill leaves)
Joe:No, no, Miss Perkinson, please, look, I tell you what. I'll put on some music and we'll forget everythng that happened.
Jane:How can we forget?
Joe:Why don't you sing along with me? You'll feel much better if you sing, much better. 'There's a great big star spangled sky above you. When you're in love you're a hero, a Nero , Apollo the Wizard of Oz..."

Outside, Bill and Virginia are on the platform.

Virginia:Well, I - I should have said this inside. I - I want to thank you.
Bill:Thank me?
Virginia:Thanks for dancing with me, Bill, even if it was for just a little while.
Bill:I liked it. You - you dance very well.
Virginia:You think so?
Bill:Maybe not for Hollywood. Wichita's a real nice city. I was through there once.
Virginia:Maybe you'll be coming through again sometime. We might meet.
Bill:It could happen.
Virginia:Would you kiss me goodbye, Bill? (He kisses her on the lips)
Bill:You're a good kid, Virginia. Things'll work out for you.
Virginia:I know, Bill.
Bill:Goodbye, Virginia.

Bill walks off.

Virginia:Good luck!

Virginia boards her train to Wichita.


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