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Mayerling to get DVD release

Posted: April 29th, 2013

From Films Around the World:

Films Around the World, Inc. is delighted to confirm that the Audrey Hepburn/Mel Ferrer MAYERLING will indeed be released on DVD in 2013. After several years of discussion, Audrey Hepburn's sons, and Mel Ferrer's widow, have authorized its distribution by us.

We have digitally remastered it from the original kinescope negative, and upgraded the new master using the latest enhancement software and expertise; it will be the first release on our new "Mr. FAR-W Video" silver and blue label, initially available through

The first public exhibition since the original (and only) live television broadcast, in 1957, will be as the closing event at the Stadtmuseum Munchen/Filmmeuseum's Audrey Hepburn Retrospective, at 9PM on June 24, 2013.

We mastered iMAYERLING in two versions -- one with the original commercials, and one without them. Each version can either be played straight through, or by the four acts of the original broadcast. The masters have been delivered to both Amazon and the Stadtmuseum; check on our website or directly with Amazon for the availability of the DVDs.

To found out more visit:


  1. rating1. Henry said...
    Yipeee! Oh i'm so glad! I've been promoting @DanielArchers youtube video for years to try and get it released and now it will be! I am sooo happy, you have no idea! :)
  2. rating2. 0479 said...
    I've been spreading the petition site for releasing this movie among Chinese Hepburn fans and movie buffs. Now I feel content and EXCITED!!!
  3. rating3. Mayerling said...
    Does anyone know if Mayerling is going to be relealed on region 2? I can only find it on region one!.
  4. rating4. Bernard Seto said...
    The LONG wait is over, I had just finished watching the
    DVD of Mayerling. I can see why Audrey was such a
    sensation at that time, I remember the LIFE magazine cover
    of this TV production, kept thinking that it was in color, sort of
    like a miniature War and Peace, well, it is ok even in grainy
    black & white, it is better to have seen it than to just keep
    dreaming about it ! Thank you all, who have a hand in making
    this available after ,what , 56 years ??!!
  5. rating5. Emile said...
    Mayerling was shown in color on TV.
    I hope that there will soon be a colorized version of it on DVD, rather than black and white.

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