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Rare Audrey Hepburn Stamps to be Auctioned

Posted: September 13th, 2010

A sheet of 10 rare Audrey Hepburn stamps will be auctioned at a gala dinner in Berlin, Germany on October 16th to raise money for the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund.

The stamps were printed in 2002 as part of a commemorative issue created for the German ministry of Finance. Unfortunately, the stamps never entered circulation because of a disagreement with the AHCF over the choice of photograph. The result was that the entire stock of 14 million stamps were destroyed, save for a small number that were used by an employee of the ministry and 3 sheets of unused stamps retained by printer, the ministry and the AHCF.

Details of how many stamps exist and what they have sold for has been sketchy and inconsistant at best. Last year, one of the post-marked (used) stamps was sold at auction for 67,000 euros, but details of the 3 sheets of unused stamps were not made public at the time. Five of the post-marked stamps have been sold at auction since 2004, reportedly selling for prices that vary between 53,000 and 125,000 euros.

The AHCF is hoping to raise a lot of money to help with the fantastic work they do. The minimum reserve price has been set at 500,000 euros and it is reported that interest in the auction and the gala dinner has been high. We wish them the best of luck with the auction.

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  1. rating1. Magdalena van Zeller said...
    Audrey Hepburn is a divine figure and inspiration

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