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Fifth Avenue, 5 a.m. by Sam Wasson

Posted: 18th July, 2010.

A new book tells the story of how Audrey's most famous movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, was made.

We're a little late on the update for this book (the publisher didn't bother to tell the biggest Audrey fan site about it's release). Fifth Avenue, 5 a.m. is a complete account of the making of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

We've already read this book and it is an enjoyable read. It offers an insight few people will have seen of this most beloved movie. Many of the stories that are so familiar to Audrey fans such as Capote wanting Marilyn Monroe for the role of Holly are included but there isn't really much in the way of new information here for the dedicated Audrey fan - it is for the most part a collection of quips, quotes and anecdotes from the people involved in the movie's production and this book ties all this information together rather nicely. Fans of the movie are unlikely to be disappointed.

If you're looking for something deeper - perhaps more insight into the character of Holly or the location of the real dress from the opening scene of the movie you'll be disappointed. Despite the claim on the inside jacket that this book is miraculously researched, much of that research has simply been regurgitated and little thought seems to have gone in to connecting the dots between the information presented or challenging people's recollections of events that took place almost 50 years ago. And this sums up the book - lots of information (most of it good by the way), but little in the way of detective work to find the real gems that lie beneath the surface.

That said, it's still a worthwhile addition to your Audrey collection even if you're one of those fans with 50+ Audrey books on your book shelf.

The book is available from Amazon and other good book dealers:
Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. by Sam Wasson


  1. rating1. NORISNA said...
    It seems that Mr. Wasson (it is first time I heard about him) likes the classic films, like me ( I am a fam of 50 )I began read the book Fifth Avenue 5 A.M... and I like a lot. I like the details. I support Mr Wasson the idea to continue to write all details the classic films, and I promisse I will read all his books about it. For example, I watched the film Back Street starting Susan Hayward and John Gavin. I would like to know the title the jazz song when, at the begining of the film Susan Hayward is dancing at the Airoport with a marin man.. I traied long time ago to know and I cannot achieve. I am sure that if Mr Wasson write about this film, he would mention the jazz song in question. However, good job Mr.Wasson. Congratulations and thanks for your work.
  2. rating2. White Cloud said...
    I started reading Mr. Wasson's book but quit after the first chapter because the author has really constructed too much of the story. I was learning what Mr. Wasson thinks and not what Audrey thought. Barry Paris' biography is still my favorite. Have read it in full three times.

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