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Secret People DVD Release

Posted: 21st January, 2010

Secret People has been released on DVD in the UK by Optimum Home Entertainment.

This is a much welcomed release, because it was previously unavailable in the UK or US - the only prior release being a Japanese version with fixed subtitles. Whilst it is described as a region 2 release, we don't yet know if the disc does contain region encoding.

The release of Secret People brings us a step closer to being able to collect all of Audrey's movies on DVD - the most notable absence right now is Monte Carlo Baby.

Set in 1930s London, Secret People stars Valentina Cortesa and Audrey Hepburn as Maria and Nora, two sisters whose father has been murdered for political reasons. Adopted by a kindly Italian restaurateur (Charles Goldner), Maria and Nora gradually overcome the loss of their father and get on with their lives. But when an old family friend enters the picture, the girls are plunged into a maelstrom of international intrigue. The upshot of this is a misguided murder charge and an eleventh-hour act of selfless sacrifice.


  1. rating1. Cindy said...
    This is fantastic news - I've been searching high and low for this movie. Hope it's made available in Canada.

    Great stuff, indeed.
  2. rating2. Magaly said...
    Great info! im a big fan i didn't knew about this movie...but does someone know if it is available on the US and if so where can i find it? cuz i live on the texas valley and not a lot of stuff come to us, lol

    Thanks, xoxo
  3. rating3. White Cloud said...
    The French version "Nous irons au Monte Carlo" has been available on dvd for some time. This is not a voice-over. The movie was shot separately in French and Audrey provides a rare performance showing her mastery of French.

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